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Mu Sigma is an Indian decision sciences firm that primarily offers data analytics services. The firm's name is derived from the statistical terms "Mu (μ)" and "Sigma (σ)" which symbolize the mean and the standard deviation, respectively, of a probability distribution. Mu Sigma is headquartered in Chicago, Illinois and has a global delivery center in Bangalore.


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Current Employee - Decision Scientist says

"salary, and how few people treat"

Former Employee - Trainee Decision Scientist says

"Worst company. Change my whole offer letter . Bond is extended to 4 years and penalty money is now 15 lakhs. Like seriously????"

Former Employee - Decision Scientist says

"No Work Life Balance Only Stress Work/Pay Ratio is the worst Mentally Suffocating Terrible Cafeteria Terrible Management Terrible Leads No Humanity"

Former Employee - Appreciate Leader says

"The list is endless here"

Former Employee - Data Scientist says

"Fine example of mordern day slavery"

Former Employee - Trainee says

"One of the worst companies in terms of Work Culture They literally treat people as slaves"

Current Employee - Trainee Desicion Scientist says

"EVERYTHING is a con here, the 6 month notice period, bond etc."

Current Employee - Data Analyst II says

"No respect for the employee. In this companies point of view employees is just a labour that is similar to a labour in a construction field. A career can never be made out of this company."

Former Employee - Apprentice Leader says

"Too many to list. Starts with the CEO, culture, engagement with clients, compensation, timings and the list goes on..."

Former Employee - Apprentice Leader says

"Compensation, work life balance, work load, only one location, no perks"

Senior Manager, Analytics Consulting (Former Employee) says

"bad work culture toxic enviroment low salary no job growth Irresponsible management do not approve of the CEO under paying long work hours Unfriendly enviroment for females"

Trainee Decision Scientist (Former Employee) says

"Very bad work culture. High attrition rate. Extremely late hours and no personal life. there is something to learn but would not recommend this torture to anyone!"

Business Analyst (Former Employee) says

"It used to be a great company to work for. Over the past 2 years it has observed a great dip in the position. Start working here only if you can't get in anywhere else.Good learning experiencesPoor timings, poor management, poor salary"

TDS (Current Employee) says

"Mu Sigma is a perfect company for freshers out of college to learn about data analysis. but work culture is really big concern since leaving at 7pm is considered leaving too early, you will feel that something is terribly wrong with the surrounding."

Business Analyst (Former Employee) says

"There are basically two types of projects in the firm: reporting and analytics. If you are working on new clients i.e. pilot projects, you will spend all the time (literally) of your life at office.NoneDinner limit is mere 100 per night; that also takes forever to reimburse"

Data Analyst (Former Employee) says

"Do not join this company. You will not get close to a decent salary and there is no job growth, even before the Covid-19 situation. Worst mistake I made was wasting my time with this company."

Associate (Current Employee) says

"Do not recommend this firm for folks who have experience working else where. The culture and the management style are not good at all. It is a good firm for someone who is a recent graduate and has not worked for any other firms."

Associate Manager (Former Employee) says

"Dont join. If you do leave within 3months. Bad for Americans seeking stable life, stable pay and a security. Usually you are replaced with a free or even cheaper alternative from India, once company reaches its goal of banking contracts with American companies. US citizens are used as props."

Data Analyst (Former Employee) says

"This company has the worst work-life balance. Be there for 6 months and leave for your good. It made my friend to take his life. Please don't do that.Learning partEverything except learning is waste of time"

Junior Associate (Former Employee) says

"You will not get analytics experience on US side- you are strictly a liaison between client and offshore meaning you can never take a true break. Always on calls with offshore, many of which are extremely inefficient. Management team lacks integrity. Poorly managed and highly unprofessional company.Intelligent clientsManagement, offshore structure, hours"

Junior Associate (Current Employee) says

"Quality employees are over worked. Management does not recognize hypocrisy and seems apathetic to employee needs. Those who demonstrate competence are over worked and under appreciated."

Associate (Current Employee) says

"You’ll learn a lot, but your work-life balance will be shot. Be ready to just get railed by the work. There is little consideration to people as individuals and you’re expected to buy into the Mu Sigma family and culture to make up for the low levels of compensation and structure overall.Experience, young work cultureToxic work culture, low pay for stress, inconsistent vision and company roadmaps, disconnect from what makes happy employees"

Decision Scientist (Former Employee) says

"Good place to learn. Very long work hours. The learning curve is extremely high and its a very fast paced environment. The work life balance is absentLearning curve is very highVery long hours"


"Good place to start your career, not a great place for growth. Long hours of work due to global delivery model and employees are severely underpaid when compared to market"

Trainee decision scientist (Former Employee) says

"There was not work life balance.Employees were not given proper importance.Work pressure is too much.Attrition rate is maximum.salary benefit is null.Free lunchLong working hours"

Senior Associate, Marketing Strategy and Planning (Former Employee) says

"I started here right after college. Management is going through major changes due to leader ship struggle between the founders. A toxic culture flows from top down.Pull up your sleeves and workTerrible management and CEO"

Sr. Executive (Former Employee) says

"This company is good for freshers Here employees have to work long hours and in that process they loose there health. Work life balance is Zero Offers average pay package in IndustryGood Work ExperienceNo work life balance"

Regional Head (Current Employee) says

"There is no work life balance within the culture. It is a toxic environment and the management doesn't care about the client services professionals in the United States."

Trainee Decision Scientist (Current Employee) says

"Long work hours No employee benefits Unachievable Expectations set with clients Health suffers due to enormous pressure Lot of rules: Loss of pay if late by more than 15 minutes Loss of pay if leave before 9 hours Odd timing (1 pm to 10 pm) similar to that of a night shift without shift allowance, difficult for someone with family Cabs available only for three slots, that too not available in day to day basis No cabs beyond 11:15 pm One have to book 15 days in prior, if miss cab due to any reason one is fined Only merit is you learn a lot, one has to catch up a lot in a short span of time, a person realizes his or her potentialsteep learning curve, you learn a lot in a shirt periodToo many rules and no employee benefits"

Junior Associate (Current Employee) says

"This is a thankless job with awful management and potentially terrible clients. If you like long hours for no additional pay and no recognition, this job is for you."

Rh says

"Well well...what do we have here. Despite of being the first company for majority of its employees, its pay structure, work life balance(or the absence of it), work culture has managed to become a nightmare for many."

Current Employee says

"I think I have PTSD from working at this place. Not completely sure though. Perhaps I should get it checked"

TDS_with_DS_knowledge says

"Absolute trash company.. zero skills.. waste of time for freshers and worst decision of my life.. idiots .running a crappy company for clients.. who are fortune 500 level idiots..stupid fools.. only . Don\'t join save yourself from this crap.. go join fractal or TCS may be.. they are 10 times better than this.."

Former Employee - TDS says

"Worst work life balance. Your life seems like an infinite loop of 5 days of slavery. The AL, Team leads, managers all suffer but everyone makes you feel like you are nothing but a slave to the company. The worst is the CEO. Learning is good but the stress is way too much. And along with that you never get what you deserve. The 21 lakhs over 3 years is a lie. This company is a true example of modern day bonded slavery"

Former Employee - DS or TDS IDGAF says

"For the people pondering over joining Mu Sigma - The company used to be great. Not anymore. Join this company only if joining it can urgently save someone\'s life, else you\'re better off waiting a couple of months and joining any other company. Even a mass recruiter would be better, you get benched there, so you\'ll have time to prepare and join some other company or a college while you get a similar first-year salary(win-win). ATB"

Dhiraj Goliram says

"If you want to experience slavery, join this company"